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No #1 VR Game Truck In Central Valley CA

VR Game Truck in Central Valley Is Not A Dream Anymore!

Central Valley VR Game Truck serves Central Valley and Stockton. We are a privately-owned business that aims to provide fun and entertainment to people’s lives with the latest VR games, a race car simulator, a flight simulator, and many other games.

For us, games don’t have an age limit. We have VR games for all age groups. Hence, we serve at birthday parties, weddings, graduation parties, corporate events, and every other major celebration. Any type of party, if you need us, we will be there to serve you and your guests.

We understand that no two parties are alike. Every client has different needs and requirements. So, we sit down with the client, understand what they want, and provide them services accordingly. Plan the perfect party or celebration with us in the Central Valley.
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We Are The Life of Every Party We Attend!

So, bring out your best party planning skills by onboarding us! Our luxurious, modernly styled, and fully air-conditioned gaming truck with 6 HD TVs, a race simulator, a flight simulator, and other amazing games will add an element of surprise and fun to your party.

To book us in Central Valley and Stockton, call us:

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VR gaming truck in Stockton
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